About CHF

Goals And Objectives

Objectives of Child Health Foundation shall be to work for the promotion and improvement of the health of the children in India, irrespective of their gender, religion, caste, creed, social and economic status and state of residence.

  • Undertake programmatic actions which address major child health issues
  • Promote education on child health issues
  • Encourage and aid training and research in all aspects of child health.
  • Advocate for the universal rights of children
  • Collaborate and cooperate with national, regional and international agencies with similar interests in promoting the health and rights of children
  • To provide science-based, accessible, and clear information about the benefits and risks of vaccines and vaccine- preventable diseases to the public, health professionals, political leaders, and their organizations. 
  • To compile a repository of the science base about vaccine safety and effectiveness and make it widely available through a variety of media, anticipate as well as respond to new issues, and enlist broad-based participation by the public.
  • To conduct qualitative research among healthcare providers to assess adequacy/quality of public health and child health and issues arising thereof.
  • To organize meetings of stakeholders and partners of child rights, health and immunization.
  • To carry out all other such activities for the improvement of life, health and rights of children in India.
  • To grant scholarships to pursue education and training in children’s health.
  • To grant aid to institutions offering children health care and education.
  • To distribute medicines and prescribe medicine to unwell children.
  • To establish run, manage and provide grants to hospitals, educational institutions, universities which provide facilities for child health, preventive medicines and education.