Friends of CHF

Introduction / Membership Policy

Friends of Child Health Foundation is group of individuals who believe in vision and mission of Child Health Foundation and want to help in achieving goals and Objectives of CHF.

Membership policy of FoCHF

  • Membership of the ”Friends of the Child Health Foundation” (FoCHF) shall be open to any  adult person who has interest in furthering the Objectives of the Trust.
  • The membership will be initially for a period of 3 years. It can be extended to a life membership on the recommendation of Board of Trustees.
  • Application for membership of FoCHF shall be made on simple paper with all relevant details, realizing that membership is not any one’s right but a privilege.
  • Board of Trustees shall have power and discretion in deciding upon any application and decision shall be final and it shall not be legally or otherwise bound to give any reason for not accepting such application.
  • The person shall cease to be a member of FoCHF.
    • on his/her resignation;
    • on his/her death;
    • on his/her becoming insolvent or convicted of a criminal offence or involving moral turpitude;
    • on becoming unfit, insane or incapable of acting as member;
    •  on his/her acting against the interest or Objectivess of the Foundation and so decided by the Trustees; or
    • on his/her expulsion by 2/3rd votes of the other member of FoCHF present in the general body meeting on    recommendations of the Board of Trustees.