Child Health Foundation and The INCLEN Trust International are pleased to announce CHF INCLEN Essential Vaccinology Course 2017 with support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The course will have a comprehensive overview of the field, from immunology, epidemiology, vaccine development, immunization policy, vaccine economics, disease surveillance etc will be provided by a distinguished national and international faculty. It shall cover existing knowledge gaps and help participants to introspect and refocus on key challenges surrounding immunization in our country.

Recieving of Application is closed !

Who should apply :

This course is for both the public and open category participants. From the public sector, It will cater to immunization program managers and decision/policy makers involved in planning, implementation, execution, or evaluation of immunization programs in India. The course is also useful for faculty of pediatric and community medicine departments in medical colleges, private sector immunization service providers, public health professionals, researchers, trainers and immunization champions who have experience and/or motivation in the field of vaccinology, including those from Indian Academy of Pediatrics, key non-governmental organizations and industry. Participants from from high disease burden states will be preferred.

Participants :

To maximize the benefits and interaction among the participants the group size would be limited to 55 only, half of whom (~25) would be government participants nominated by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

Another pool of 25 participants from open category will be selected which include mainly representation from medical college faculty, service providers, IAP, others key Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Industry representatives etc.

Selection Criteria :

Selection of this category will be based on applicant's curriculum vitae, interest, experience in the field of immunization, and the expected benefits of his/her training to the society. Participants (25 from open category) will be selected by an independent selection committee, according to their background, qualifications, experience motivation in the related field of vaccinology, and how they plan to use this training for the benefit of the nation. Applicants will have to justify their participation and provide a summary (in 500 words ONLY) of how they plan to use this training for bringing a change and benefitting the society and the nation, Expected attainable outcomes of their training will serve as the most important criteria for selection.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae :

Please use prescribed format otherwise application will be rejected.

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