RCV TBCS & CHF Activity

Rotary Club of Vellore TB Control Society (RCV TBCS) and Child Health Foundation (CHF) have signed an MoU on 21st September 2013 wherein they have decided to establish a school-based Children’s TB Awareness and Behavior Modification project in Vellore through innovative methods and have pledged to work for the health and wellbeing of children and provide health education through appropriate means.
RCV TBCS & CHF will educate the public in Vellore City (population, 500,000) for removing fear and stigma associated with the diagnosis of TB; enablepersons with symptoms to seek early diagnosis and undergo full course of treatment; teach school children and teachers about the microbial causation of TB and to inculcate hygienic habits including cough/sneeze etiquette by covering mouth/nose by handkerchief; to encourage children to learn these messages and teach their parents at home; and assist children with infection with TB bacilli and those with TB disease with appropriate healthcare.